• Doctor:

    *staring down a mummy*

  • Everyone watching:

    Come on, say it, say it, say it...

  • Doctor:

    Hello. I will be your victim this evening.

  • Everyone watching:

    Say it already!

  • Doctor:

    ...are you my mummy?

  • Everyone watching:


As long as it’s you
I will never care of where,
or even of how.

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omg! :3


omg! :3

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Anonymous said: Tangerine

I’m honestly confused about the difference of Tangerine and Oranges. I mean, taxonomy-wise, fine but taste and all?

Anonymous said: Oy


Anonymous said: Post a picture of your feet please?

Not that I’m not confident to show my feet, but wouldn’t that be inappropriate for my blog? hahahahaha

Anonymous said: Wala na ba talaga si cloudtaker? :3

haha yeah man, that shit is over. 

Anonymous said: Hi. I've read in your other blog that you're planning to resign to your job next year. I jut thought you might be interested working online, home based writer. Our company is currently having a mass hiring for writers and for proofreader/manager for writers. I know that you can do it. You're very, very good in English.

Hey thanks! I also have pending stuff to attend to. I’m glad you look at me that way. :D 




when you get your blanket out of the dryer


is that gay porn

no it’s somebody after they get their blanket out of the dryer

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He sprinted, half believing he could outdistance death itself, ignoring the jets of light flying in the darkness all around him, and the sound of the lake crashing like the sea, and the creaking of the Forest though the night was windless; through grounds that seemed, themselves, to have risen in rebellion, he ran faster than he had ever moved in his life…

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Anonymous said: Happy T ka na please hahaha

<3 There’s a blogger event on Thursday. No, I’m not a blogger, I just have to cover the event hahaha!